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The company recognises its duties towards all persons involved in its workshops and productions and will ensure, so far as reasonably possible, that it will provide a working environment which is safe and without risk to health.

To enable the policy to be fully implemented, we have vested responsibility for the day to day fulfilment of the health and safety policy to the company safety officer. The contact in the first instance is as follows: Anna Vickers 07826879554

In the event of a serious safety incident, the company safety officer must be informed as soon as possible. Copies of all safety and accident reports must be forwarded to the company officer within seven days of the reported incident.

The directors, working directly with or through producers, workshop leaders, workshop assistants, or the administration team will ensure that during workshops, rehearsals, productions or administration meetings, the health and safety of all students and other involved persons is given due attention, to ensure this policy is adhered to.

The company will identify hazards presented by its activities and will introduce procedures to provide safety for all.

The company welcomes the opportunity to discuss health and safety with its students and crew members and will provide the necessary communication opportunities to make this possible.

All students and crew members are required to fulfil their legal obligations to observe safe working practices, conform to the relevant health and safety regulations and Company rules, and to take reasonable care of themselves and others who may be affected by what they do.

Reach Musical Theatre School - Performing Arts Sheffield

Mike Vickers – Director
Anna Vickers – Director

Reach Musical Theatre School – Performing Arts Sheffield