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The policy has been drawn up for anyone involved in the leadership of “Reach for the Stage Theatre Co Ltd”, who has any direct contact with children and young people.

The Basic Principals

The child’s welfare is paramount
All children whatever their age, gender, culture, disability, racial origin, language and religious beliefs have the right to protection from abuse.
All allegations and suspicions of abuse will be taken seriously and responded to swiftly and appropriately, they must not be ignored.
Anyone under the age of 18 should be considered a child for the purposes of this document
If somebody believes a child may be suffering, or at risk of suffering significant harm, they should always refer the concern to social services or the police.

Anyone who has, or will build, close relationships with children will be in a position to recognise signs of abuse and should know how to respond. They may also be recognised as accessible by children and be the person in whom he child chooses to confide.This represents a heavy responsibility and may result in people being put in situations where they feel vulnerable and unsure how to proceed. Those in regular contact with children must also be aware that they may be subject to misunderstanding and could face allegations of child abuse. This policy is designed to help those working with ‘Reach for the Stage’ recognise and respond to such situations. It is also intended to help people think about how they work with children and ensure that protection of the child is built into any activity in which they are involved.

The aim of this document is to ensure that anyone involved with children’s activities in ‘Reach for the Stage’

Understands their personal responsibility for protecting the children with whom they work
Is able to take appropriate action if there are any suggestions that a child is being abused.
Is informed and able to respond in a helpful manner to any child who alleges or discloses that abuse is happening.
Takes steps to minimise opportunities for misunderstandings.

Criminal Record Bureau (CRB)

The Protection of Children Act states that all people working (paid or voluntary) with children, should make disclosure to the criminal records Bureau, which will check against official records to confirm they are not on record as being unsuitable to work with children.
‘Reach for the Stage’ will ensure that anyone involved with them who works directly with children or young people will have the necessary CRB approval.
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